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Meet The Maker

Meet the maker

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Kelsie and I’m the owner of Soap At Home. I am a traveler, bookworm, paramedic, quiltmaker, pet collector, woodworker, baker, animal lover, self-proclaimed chef, scuba diver, artist, and soon-to-be real estate agent. Yes, I wear many hats; I just want to try everything! I figure it will make me a very interesting old person to talk to someday.
All my life I have struggled with sensitive, breakout prone skin along with annoying eczema. The only thing that has ever helped is homemade soap. This is where the soapmaker hiding inside of me was born! My focus is on creating skin-loving, environmentally friendly bath & body products that are safe alternatives to the commercial options.

All of our cold process and hot process bars are:
  •  Paraben Free (hormone disruptors)
  •  Pthalate Free (commonly found in fragrance oils that are known to be hormone disruptors)
  •  Palm Free (environmentally harmful)
  •  SLS Free (a chemical surfactant that creates bubbles, skin irritant)
  • Titanium Dioxide Free (an additive that turns soap white when it wouldn’t naturally be white, known to be carcinogenic)