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Homemade Soap, Homemade Bath Bombs… At YOUR house!?

We obviously have all of the homemade soap you could ever want here, at Soap At Home. It is so easy to make and is a great creative outlet. Would you be interested in learning how to make homemade soap yourself? How about homemade bath bombs?

We are thinking about running some classes! Ideas so far would be a half day or a full day of soap making, a half day of bath bomb making, or maybe even putting together an informational PDF that would be available for download. If you have any input on these ideas or if you are interested, please comment or shoot us a message. You can do this from our contact page or by emailing us at k.soapathome@gmail.com.

Homemade soap and some rambling…

I have been a busy little bee over here at the Soap At Home homestead. I’ve been concocting some new bath bomb scents/colors as well as making soap, and planning our fall products. There will be lots of fall/Halloween/holiday/Christmas items coming to the store starting mid-September, so keep your little peepers open for those.

Along with making and selling homemade soap and homemade bath bombs, scrubs, and salts… We also have rabbits that we plan to breed, two dogs, and a flourishing garden! I spend a lot of time keeping this place running.

Last week a pipe on our water system came loose and pumped about 2000 gallons of water into our well house and our yard. That was a fun activity. This week the contractor came and put the walls back on the inside of the well house.

Shout out to Glass Well Service Co. for getting out here quick and taking care of our issues. We were back up and running the next morning and they made sure to get someone out to repair the water damage rather expeditiously. I highly recommend them for all of your water service needs in the Austin area.


I’ll just be over here soaping and whipping up (foreshadowing) some new products and taking care of all our animals and plants.

Be sure to swing by and see us at the Farmer George Round Rock Farmer’s Market Saturday’s from 10-2