| NSR- Not Soap Related

Forewarning, not soap related 🙂

I know you’re probably here for things about our homemade soap, but this post is gonna be a little off topic. The past few months have been some of the craziest as well as some of the best. At the end of March my then fiancee was offered a new job in Austin, so we got busy with the house hunt. We had a bit of a crunch since he had to start at his new position in the first week of April, we were due to be married on May 5th and leave for our honeymoon (yay!) on May 7th.

So, we basically had to have a house under contract before we left for our honeymoon, and get our former house under contract as well. I’m happy (and relieved, let’s be honest) to say we accomplished both of these things, and then got married and went on our fantastic honeymoon.

Koh Bida Nok and Koh Bida Nai
Sailing away from the two Phi Phi Islands we went diving around.

Chiang Mai

Our honeymoon was a long one, with a total of 11 different planes! The first stop was Chiang Mai, Thailand. We did so many awesome activities and this was one of our favorite stops on this trip. We lounged in and near our pool access room at the Khum Phaya Resort and Spa. One day we played with the elephants, on another we got a massage, and another we visited temples.


Next, we ventured down to Phuket, where we mostly hung out on the beach and by the pool at the Surin Beach Resort and went diving with Sea Fun Divers. Our diving in Phuket was near the Phi Phi Islands. The two we dove near were Koh Bida Nok and Koh Bida Nai. For our first time on a real dive, these dive sites were phenomenal.


The trip ended with an all inclusive stay at Kuramathi Island Resort in Maldives. This leg of the trip obviously featured lots of scuba diving. An excellent experience was had with Anna at Rhasdoo Divers. As much as I would love to go into every detail of our trip, that will have to happen in another post. We returned from our honeymoon on May 26th.

New Home Sweet Home

My husband had to be back at work on the 28th and the movers came on the 30th! It was a whirlwind to say the least.

Having been in our new home for a few weeks now and have mostly settled in. We are excited to announce that we will be at the Old Town Leander Farmer’s Market on Saturday’s starting July 7th! It is thrilling to have this opportunity to bring our products to our new little town. There are also some new things brewing…

We are always developing new recipes for our homemade soap, homemade bath bombs, and homemade bath salts. Head on over to the currently curing page to see what’s cookin’!