Most frequent questions and answers

Of course! There is a common misconception that you can make soap without using lye. This simply isn’t a reality. Soap is made by combining melted oils and fats with a solution of sodium hydroxide (lye) and distilled water. We mix them past the point of emulsion, which is called “trace.” They’re colored and scented, and then poured into a mold. Once they’ve heated, cooled and hardened, you have soap! You read that right, it heats itself up after it goes in the mold, interesting stuff, eh? From there the soap is cut into bars and goes through a 4-6 week curing period to stabilize the pH, let some of the remaining water evaporate, etc.

From our research we have found that the biggest concern with fragrance oils is that they are commonly made using something called pthalates. Pthalates are essentially micro-plastics that have been found to be hormone disruptors that interfere with the receptors that estrogen binds to. We source our fragrances from a company that only carries pthalate free oils as our goal is to create products that are a safer alternative to mass produced commercial products.

We carry a few products that are made from a glycerin base, for example our Sitting Duck Bath Soap. The majority of our products are made completely from scratch with recipes that we develop and then test ourselves. We have actually never followed someone else’s recipe, so you can count on our products being 100% unique to our brand.

Yes! The mission of our brand is to really create products that are safe alternatives to commercial products. Commercial products often contain harsh chemicals, detergents, and even skin irritants, even in items that are meant to be used on your skin! On particularly sensitive skin, take our faces for example, we only use unscented products as even some essential oils can contribute to breakouts and irritation. We like to save all of the smelly goodness for our less-sensitive body skin, and we recommend you do the same.

If you order soap the turnaround time is one day, if you order bath bombs or bubble bars we are currently at a turnaround time of 4 days as we make those items fresh when you order them.